Welcome to The Healthcare Professionals Corner

Welcome to The Healthcare Professionals Corner.

At Trauma NB, we understand the vital role healthcare providers play in safeguarding the well-being of their patients. Fall prevention is essential to avoid a potential traumatic injury that may limit older adults’ ability to age in their home for as long as they would wish. This section is dedicated to equipping healthcare providers with the knowledge and resources they need to integrate fall prevention seamlessly into their practice.

Integrating Fall Prevention into Your Practice.

As a healthcare provider, your commitment to patient safety is paramount. Early identification and targeted interventions can make a significant difference in preventing falls. However, the prevention of traumatic fall-related injuries such as intracranial hematomas or hip fractures is not only to the benefit of the patient.

By integrating recommended evidence-based fall prevention strategies into your practice, you also provide valuable support to caregivers, family members and other loved ones. Remember that for most older adults, fall prevention is also about being able to maintain their autonomy to enjoy life’s simple pleasures such as playing with grandchildren and keeping up with friends.

Fall Prevention

Our Key Resources

Fall Risk Screening and
Interventions Checklist

All adults 65 years and older should be screened at least once a year to help identify and manage their personal fall risk factors. As a healthcare professional, you can play an essential role in ensuring that this occurs based on best available evidence. This checklist provides step-by-step information to facilitate the screening process within your clinical practice. In addition, this tool also provides a recommended list of interventions for patients at LOW, INTERMEDIATE and HIGH risk for falls.

Fall Risk Screening and Interventions Checklist

Algorithm for Fall Risk
Screening and Intervention

To further support efforts to integrate effective fall prevention interventions in your clinical practice, you are encouraged to consult this quick reference tool which was developed based on the Risk Stratification Algorithm from the World Guidelines for Falls Prevention and Management for Older Adults. Like the Fall Risk Screening and Interventions Checklist, this algorithm highlights the recommended step-by-step process for fall risk screening and interventions for patients at LOW, INTERMEDIATE and HIGH risk for falls.

Fall Risk Management Algorithm

Staying Independent Checklist

Fall risk screening is essential to identify older adults at increased risk of falls who would likely benefit from a more in-depth evaluation. To help you with this process, we encourage you to use a validated risk assessment tool that can be seamlessly incorporated into your practice. The Staying Independent Checklist is a valuable self-screening tool that can be completed by most older patients while waiting for their medical appointment. Keep in mind that this tool can also be used as a means to encourage a discussion around personal fall risk factors.

Staying Independent Checklist

Fall Prevention Toolkit

Educating your older patients about their personal fall risk is important whether they are at LOW, INTERMEDIATE and HIGH risk for falls. This fall prevention toolkit offers a range of educational resources that you are encouraged to share with your patients, empowering them to take an active role in their own safety. Keep in mind that well informed patients are more likely to engage in fall prevention measures which can reduce the risk of sustaining a life-changing traumatic injury.

Fall Prevention Toolkit
Stay Informed

Stay Informed and Connected

Trauma NB is dedicated to providing the most accurate and evidence-based resources to healthcare providers across New Brunswick. This includes providing access to Finding Balance NB, a central repository of fall prevention resources for all New Brunswickers. There you will find up-to-date information about recommended clinical practice and professional learning opportunities to help you stay at the forefront of preventive care for older adults.

Finding Balance NB

Are you a pharmacist?

Watch our 2-minute video by Nicolas Basque on our fall prevention campaign. Thank you to the New Brunswick Pharmacists’ Association for working with us on our campaign!

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Falls are not a normal part of aging. A collaborative approach can facilitate the delivery of comprehensive individualized care, and Trauma NB is there to support you. We all have a role to play. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of older patients across the province.